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100 Songs, 2012


As is typical, I’ve spent far more time agonizing over this list and preparing it than I have for moving across the country.

It’s the third of my year-end top hundred lists, and the story that seems to be told across the three is that of a listener invested in modern pop who slowly opens (back) up to indie music. I’m pretty sure next year will throw a wrench into that story, but I’ll talk about that later.

This was the first year I attempted to intentionally pay attention to new music as it came out throughout the year; the primary difference between this and previous years is that I developed a lot more anxiety this year about missing out on things. I  ended up with about a thousand songs in my “2012” playlist in iTunes, and I know that I listened to a tiny fraction of the interesting and exciting music of the year. I think I’ll go back to letting it come to me in 2013.

Jonathan Bogart#pop2010s