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1977: A Year In A Day // IX. Wave

Cover art:  Ian Hornak ,  Wordsworth in the Tropics  (crop)

Cover art: Ian Hornak, Wordsworth in the Tropics (crop)

  1. Styx “Come Sail Away” | from The Grand Illusion (A&M)
  2. The Ramones “Rockaway Beach” | from Rocket to Russia (Sire)
  3. Natalie Cole “La Costa” | from Thankful (Capitol)
  4. The Ritchie Family “Quiet Village” | from African Queens (Marlin)
  5. Caetano Veloso “Odara” | from Bicho (Philips)
  6. Marcia Griffiths “Dreamland” | 7" single (High Note)
  7. Jorge Ben “Taj Mahal” | from Tropical (Philips)
  8. Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz “Sweet Mother” | from Sweet Mother (RAS)
  9. Faramarz Aslani “Ageh Ye Rooz” | from Ageh Ye Rooz (CBS)
  10. Emmanuelle Parrenin “Topaze” | from Maison Rose (Ballon Noir)
  11. Crosby, Stills & Nash “Just a Song Before I Go” | from CSN (Atlantic)
  12. The Isley Brothers “Voyage to Atlantis” | from Go for Your Guns (T-Neck)